When to Visit

When to visit

JNR offers something to the visitor at all times of the year. Each month brings with it new discoveries and vistas so that you will never get tired of the place even if you are a frequent visitor. Visit the photogallery to view the wonders of each season.

In spring, the trails are scarlet with fallen rhododendron flowers and the trees are flowering and new leaves appearing. Birds are at their best at this time of the year and early mornings will give you vistas of the Himalayas.

In summer, you can escape from the heat by walking through the cool forest glens and enjoy the flowering meadows. The trails are thick with cones and the forest is fragrant with the aroma of pine and cedar.

The monsoon brings its own charm and along with it a myriad of wild flowers, ferns and mushrooms. It is the best time to explore the forest if you don’t mind getting a little wet. Avoid the meadows at this time and make sure you ask for leech socks to protect your feet.

Autumn is the time of acorns and wild grasses and of the trees changing colour with greens, browns and reds. The snow mountains once again start showing themselves after the haze of the summer and the clouds o f the monsoon.

Winter brings deep blue skies, clear Himalayan views, frost on the meadows and the possibility of walking through snow covered trails where you can discover the signs of the wildlife that thrives in the Reserve.

The Reserve is open between sunrise and sunset. Please make sure that you are out of the Reserve by sunset – in case you arrive late in the evening at the gate, you might be denied entry. We do not allow overnight stays, night walking or camping.

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