JNR offers the opportunity for both individuals and insitutions to become members of the Nature Reserve, which we believe is the first of its kind. By becoming a member, you will not only support our conservation efforts but will also become partners in this venture. Your unique membership card will allow you and your guests entry to the Reserve, and also help to publicise the effort.

Individual Membership

If you think you will be a frequent visitor to the Reserve or would just like to support the effort, you can become an individual member for an annual fee of Rs. 5,000. This will entitle you to enter the Reserve as frequently as you would like with upto four guests at a time. We will also provide you with a membership card and a set of maps and field guides for you and your guests. All you need to do to gain entry is to show your membership card at the entrance of the Reserve and sign in the register.

If you are interested in providing longer term support and contributing to the sustainability of the effort, you can become a Supporting Member of JNR for a fee of Rs. 15,000. This will give you a 5-year membership card that allows you and upto four guests to visit the reserve during the period of the membership, along with getting regular updates about our activities.

Individuals who would like to support the long-term efforts of the initiative can also become Life Members for a one-time fee of Rs. 100,000. This will get you a membership card that allows you and upto four guests access to JNR for life as well as regular updates the option to join our annual meetings.

Institutional Membership

For Hotels/Resorts: Hotels or resorts that become institutional members of JNR would be able to offer their guests the option of visiting a Private Nature Reserve as well as demonstrate their support towards the conservation of Mussoorie’s natural heritage. Depending on the number of guests anticipated to visit each year, an annual membership fee ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000 would apply. This membership would give the following benefits:

  • Access to JNR for guests of the member institution with services of a local guide if needed (not exceeding the number agreed annually)
  • A set of maps and field guides to provide guests for use during the walks
  • Co-branding with JNR to use in your promotional materials if desired
  • Acknowledgement as a member and supporter of JNR on our website if desired
  • Participation in an annual members’ forum to share feedback and develop ideas and activities for mutual benefit

For Schools/Educational Institutions: We can work with schools and research institutions to help design educational activities and research projects on a number of areas related to natural history, ecology and conservation. Depending on the numbers of students you might aim to send and the scale of the activities and our involvement in them, the annual membership fee would range from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 100,000. Please contact us to discuss details and work out a suitable package for your educational institution.

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