JNR has eight well-demarcated walking trails that you can explore. The trails are marked on the ground and we also provide a map that provides a description of each trail including the best seasons to visit and what to look for on each trail. The trails are linked to the field guides through colour coding and, depending on the season, you can look for specific trees, flowers or mushrooms on the different trails.

We recommend taking a guided walk with one of our local guides who are trained in birdwatching, wildlife identification, natural history and know a great deal about the uses of the various plants and herbs in the Reserve. This will greatly enrich your experience. Walking with the guides also enablesyou to experience the thrill of checking one or more of the hidden cameras which document wildlife presence and movement on the different trails and at the waterholes.

If you are an experienced walker and prefer to be on your own, we invite you use the map and field guides to discover your own favorite parts of the Reserve. Please use care when walking on the trails and ensure that you have good walking shoes. While the trails are generally safe, if you are walking without one of our guides, please read the trail instructions carefully and keep to the clearer routes.

Most circuits will take about 3-4 hours to cover, accounting for time to rest, indulge in photography and explore the many facets of nature in the Reserve. Please carry your own drinking water as there is only one spot in the Reserve with a natural spring, which will require additional walking to get to.

Depending on the weather and time available, our guide can arrange tea on the meadows at the end of the walk but there are not other food or catering facilities at the Reserve. However, within a few hundred metres of the gate, there are restaurants at Bataghat and a restaurant at Jaberkhet on either side of the Reserve if you need refreshments.

Please read the section on Visiting JNR to get information on how to get entry and book a guided walk.

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